PromoteBeats FAQ

What is PromoteBeats?
PromoteBeats is a program where you are able to sell other producers beats through a customized website or player and earn a percentage of the sale. The beats are provided by thousands of top producers on

Does my account work on
Yes your account works on

How can I search for beats to put in my player?
You can use the “Search for Beats” tab at the top of the navigation bar. You are able to search by Keywords, Price, Sales, Producers,etc. You can also add beats

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What are Non-Exclusive beats?
All beats for sale on are Non-Exclusive.  To learn more able the licensing details of Non-Exclusive beats please read the Terms and Conditions.

How do people purchase beats?
Anyone is able to purchase beats through a PromoteBeats member's beat player  using PayPal.

Can I customize my player?
You are able to customize your player on the "edit player" Page.

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How do I change the order of my beats?
This is done under the “Beat Management” Tab. You are able to drag and rearrange the boxes to choose the order then click the "Save " button at the bottom or top.

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Are you able to purchase a beat directly in the Beat Player?
Yes, just add the item to your cart and then click the Checkout button to proceed to PayPal.

What payment methods are accepted?
You are able to pay with any major credit card or your PayPal account.

How do I get my beats promoted on PromoteBeats?
In order to get your beats promoted by thousands of promoters on you must be signed up for the a  Membership on

How do I add/remove a beat from my player?
After finding a beat in the “Search for Beats, Top Sellers or Latest Sold ” section, simply click the "Add Beat to Player". This will then turn into "This Beat Added"  You can  Remove the beat from your player in the Beat Management Section.

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What Percent Commission am I receiving on a beat sale?
You will receive 50% from each beat that you sell minus the paypal fees and the 10% promotesbeats fee..

How do I know if someone has bought a beat from me?
You can view all Beat Sales in the "My Sales” tab. You will also receive an instant email notification whenever you make a sale.

How and when do I get paid?
You will get paid once a month via PayPal on the 5th. You will need to have a PayPal Account in order to receive funds. Please make sure you have filled in your PayPal information on the "Account Settings" page.